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SwiftCam Scanner

SwiftCam Scanner is a low-cost solution to scan the examination answer scripts with barcode and without missing any pages. The DSLR camera is accessed by our own developed SwiftCam Software to scan the each page of Answer scripts for Universities.
– User-friendly and low-cost solution to scan the answer scripts
– Main page barcode scanning to allocate Unique key for providing dummy numbers
– Set number of pages in each type answer script
– Set page size for both left and right pages to store it as single page/image
– Barcode on each page (page number) scanned and validated to avoid missing pages
– Scan with high quality to read the handwritten text
– Low image file size to speed up the online evaluation
We have produced 20+ such scanners and used in Telangana / Andhra / Odhisa for scanning the University examination answer scripts. The scanned answer scripts will be used to do online evaluation by the examiner using our tool On-Mark. We are software solution partner for well-known eLearning company Globarena Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad.

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