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Swift eBook Reader

Swift ePublishing developed a multi-format Swift eBook reader where both ePub & PDF can be read. The reader can be customized for Publishers to sell their ebook directly to the consumers.

Our Mission is to promote reading habits. Book reading has been reduced after digital era. But still you can read books in digital format known as eBook in your Smartphone and tablets while you travel.

– You can read eBooks both in ePub & PDF format.
– You can import eBooks from your device.
– You can download from your Google drive and Dropbox clouds.
– You can also download from our online eBook resources.

It’s a free app Swift eBook Reader download from here

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Customization for Publishers

Swift ePublishing can customize Swift eBook Reader for publishers with their logo and the content.
– The reader can also be customized as an online bookstore with payment gateway.
– This helps publishers to sell their eBooks to their consumers directly without paying any commission to the bookstores.
– We will help you to produce eBooks from Print PDF or Scan PDF or paperback.

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