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About iSOS

iSOS Rescue is the first ever location based Emergency app that alerts & identifies your “nears and dears” in case of Emergency.
The app works with android version 4+.
You can add upto 6 of your family/friends to be alerted by iSOS Rescue.
In case of emergency, just press the power button (Switch ON/OFF button) 5 times continuously or press Emergency button in the app. Emergency alert message you’re your current location will be sent to all of your rescuer contacts through SMS.
Your nearest rescuer will be identified and notified to that rescuer itself and also indicates the name and mobile number of your nearest rescuer to other rescuers.
The rescuers will be able to find the victims current location, even when the victim is moving, and also find the easiest route to reach the victim. The rescuers will also be able to see other rescuers (of the victims) location.
The victim can see their nearest rescuers location, with name and mobile number, after raising the emergency.
After rescue, the victim can message all rescuers by pressing recover button in the app.

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